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Coat lenses efficiently and with a smaller footprint.

Coburn’s optical lens coater solutions are award-winning machines. Suitable for small retail lab operations or fully automated large labs. Velocity and Velocity 2D offer removable coating modules that allows for much easier cleaning, maintenance and switching between coatings.

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Velocity LTE Manual UV Spin Optical Lens Coater stand-alone machine for small to mid-sized labs.

Velocity LTE UV Spin Lens Coater

Velocity LTE operates in a recipe-driven environment based on the type of coating, lens material and geometry of the lens. Coat lenses with custom cure profiles to control higher index materials, eliminating the warping of lenses. Loading lenses is simple; due to smarter programming, the next lens can be loaded during the coating of the first lens. LTE also has an auto-priming function immediately following lens load. Suitable for small to mid-sized labs.

Velocity Spin Optical Lens Coater machine by Coburn Technologies for optical lens uv coating.

Velocity Spin Optical Lens Coater

Coburn’s Velocity Coater is a fully automated industrial hard coating system providing the highest throughput of any system on the market while also delivering excellent yields. The automation system includes a multi-stage pre-cleaning system as well as lens handling from the job tray, through a multi-stage lens pre-cleaning system, followed by a secondary cleaning system, coating, and cure, finally returning the lens to the job tray – all without operator involvement.

Velocity 2D Optical Lens Spin Coater

Velocity 2D Optical Lens Spin Coater

Derived from the existing platform of the ground-breaking Velocity Coater, the Velocity 2D now offers labs the ability to coat lenses with two different coating solutions in one machine. It can be paired with Coburn’s Duality Lens De-Taper and Cleaner to offer labs smart, scalable automation for lens processing, as lenses are detaped, cleaned, and coated in one smooth process.