Orion-40T Lens Coating System

Orion-40T AR Lens Coater

This lens coating system is a full package for vacuum labs. Included in the package is the Ultrasonic Lens Cleaning System with Lens Hard Coating Machine, Laminar Flow booth, Lens Drying Oven and Spectrophotometer.

Lens Coater Features

  • Pumping System T-1600 Turbo Molecular Pump (LEYBOLD, Germany), Rotary vane pump model E2m40 (EDWARDS, UK), CRYO-6 Cryo cooling
  • Evaporation Source: EB-Gun Max. Power 3KW, Crucible has 6 pockets of 4cc each.
  • Thermal Evaporator (boat) Max. 100A, 6VAC
  • Ion Source: VTC-2, End-Hall type, Gas system for reactive gas included
  • Substrate Heating System: Infra Red heater of 2KW and reflector
  • Control System: Fully automatic PC control system with Real-time software
  • Fully automatic operation via user Editable recipes
  • Supported Ion Beam Assistance
  • Overall Dimensions (mm) 1100W x 1600D x 1900H
  • Chamber size, mm 600 (W) x 600(D) x 800(H)
  • Maximum Vacuum: mbar 2 x 10-6
  • Substrate Holder, 3 segments Dome, or flip over system available
  • Batch Capacity, approx. Lenses (dome) 40
  • Batch Capacity, lenses (flip over) 16
  • Average cycle time, 40 min