Velocity LTE Spin Coating System

Velocity LTE Manual UV Spin Optical Lens Coater stand-alone machine for small to mid-sized labs.

Velocity coating platform: simplified.

Velocity LTE Spin Coater is a backside, UV-cured manual lens coating system for small to mid-sized labs who seek more control in their lens coating process. Each spindle can be controlled independently by the operator by way of a user-friendly control panel. Velocity LTE operates in a recipe-driven environment based on the type of coating, lens material or geometry of the lens. Coat lenses with custom cure profiles to control higher index materials, eliminating the warping of lenses. Loading lenses is simple; due to smarter programming, the next lens can be loaded during the coating of the first lens. Velocity LTE also has an auto-priming function immediately following lens load.

The Velocity LTE features an individual control board for each of its three spindles. Each spindle circulates automatically through three stations: wash, coat, and UV-cure. Spindle speed can be adjusted conveniently through the machine’s operator screen, offering more control of the coating process. This semi-automated system can process 80 lenses per hour with easy manual loading and unloading. This smaller footprint Velocity also features an auto-priming function and the elimination of overspray.

The Velocity LTE UV Spin Lens Coater is the perfect offering for small to mid-sized labs looking for practical yet advanced coating technology.


  • Independent spindle speed control
  • Recipe-driven environment for varying lens parameters
  • Custom cure profiles to eliminate warping on high index materials
  • Auto priming
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Eliminates overspray
  • Processes 80 lenses/hour
  • Suitable for small to mid-sized labs
  • Small footprint