Velocity Manual Spin Optical Lens Coater

Coburn Technologies Velocity lens coating machine

The Velocity Manual Spin Optical Lens Coater is the perfect fit for wholesale lens labs not yet ready to automate. It accomplishes UV coating in five stations: load, wash, coat, cure and unload. Take advantage of the manual Velocity’s key benefits such as its high throughput of 120 lens per hour and overall robustness. The Velocity Manual lens coating machine can add the autoloader later on a retrofit basis. Velocity is the only coater available that offers this flexibility to accommodate the needs of any lens lab.


  • Thermally controlled coating station that keeps the coating viscosity consistent
  • Recipe driven environment for coating process control
  • LMS connectivity
  • Easy access for services and diagnostics
  • UV-curing with integrated energy control
  • Off-the-block processing
  • Suitable for solid based lacquer