Velocity 2D Optical Lens Spin Coater

Velocity 2D Optical Lens Spin Coater

Velocity 2D is the next generation of the current Velocity Automated Spin Coater, and is the first machine on the market designed with dual-coating technology. Derived from the existing platform of the ground-breaking Velocity automated lens coater, the Velocity 2D now offers labs the ability to coat lenses with two different coating solutions in one machine. It can be paired with Coburn’s Duality Lens De-Taper and Cleaner to offer labs smart, scalable automation for lens processing, as lenses are de-taped, cleaned, and coated in one smooth process.

In addition to dual-coating technology, Velocity 2D also offers automatic coating height adjustment, spindle speed monitoring, and a variety of other unique process control features in order to effectively ensure proper coating on all lenses.

Velocity 2D is a five station hard coating machine:

  1. Loading station
  2. Washing station
  3. Dual-coating station
  4. UV Curing station
  5. Unloading station


  • Apply two different coating solutions in one machine
  • Automatic viscosity-adjusted coating height
  • Spin speed monitoring for proper coating thickness