Versa Guard Optical Lens Coating

Versa Guard Optical Lens Hard Coating

Coburn’s new Versa Guard is a versatile hard coating used on a broad range of substrates while also guarding against scratches. This fast curing, durable optical coating is #1 in the market for excellent adhesion, low viscosity, great coating stability and a special bonding chemical formulation and unique UV/thermal hybrid chemistry. Versa Guard lens coating is optimized with HCLT (Hybrid Cross Linking Technology) during lab production, which ensures the best lens coating adhesion, abrasion and yields. Better filtration results in less impurities, which improves coating performance; and because it contains no volatile solvents it is safe for standard shipping and handling. No problem switching coatings; formulated for plug and play use.

Versa Guard lens coating has excellent adhesion to AR, and a high Bayer abrasion ratio. It provides superb adhesion to all substrates including standard plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, Spectralite, 1.56 and 1.58, and high index.


  • Proprietary manufacturing procedures combines the best quality raw materials and an unsurpassed, inline quality control process through inspection. Optimized Coating with HCLT (Hybrid Cross Linking Technology™) during lab production ensures the best coating adhesion, abrasion, and yields
  • Special bonding chemical formulation and unique UV/Thermal hybrid chemistry for superb adhesion to all substrates including CR-39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, 1.56, and High Index
  • Excellent adhesion to AR, specifically formulated to adhere to all AR coatings
  • High abrasion and scratch resistance before and after AR for unsurpassed coating durability
  • Highest quality coating on the market for improved yields at reduced costs
  • Special filtration process for improved coating performance with better filtration
  • Special purification process for improved coating performance with less impurities
  • Fast UV curable coating
  • Tintable to a grey 3 while maintaining high abrasion resistance
  • High optical clarity results with less yellow index than competitors
  • Low viscosity for improved life for inexpensive coating pumps
  • Compatible with standard UV curing systems & bulbs; No changes needed for optimum curing
  • VOC free with no volatile solvents for safe shipping and handling