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Our recommended equipment combinations for a complete lab.

Coburn Technologies provides the most reliable and diverse solution to fit every need and budget.  Our diverse optical lab configurations provide a complete solution with a smaller footprint and price-point than all others in its class.

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Coburn Lens Processing Premier Labs

Premier Lens Processing Lab

The Premier Lab is a complete, lens processing versatile system that combines an open architecture design with advanced lens processing equipment. Everything is modular, including the lens lab software that automates lens processing which allows you to tailor the lab to suit your business, whether you have one location or several different offices. The Premier Lab is the industry standard for small-format lens surfacing labs. No other lens processing company has installed more lens surfacing systems worldwide than Coburn Technologies, with over 7000 small format surface generators and over 18,000 installations.

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Coburn Lens Processing Free-Form Mini-Lab

Free-Form Lens Processing Mini Lab

At the heart of the Free-Form Mini-Lab is the patent-pending LaunchPad™ free-form process, which allows for the polishing of free-form lenses on a traditional cylinder machine eliminating the need for larger free-form polishers. This lens lab configuration makes it possible to enter the world of free-form lens creation without the prohibitive start-up costs, space requirements and technical complexity. The process can be scaled to meet the specific free-form volume of your business and in many cases can be adapted to work with lens lab equipment you already have.

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Complete True Form Optical Lens Processing Lab

True-Form Optical Lab

True-Form is a new matched set of lens generating and polishing technologies exclusively from Coburn which provides a better quality lens process for free-form and traditional RX lenses. The True-Form System consists of the new Cobalt (DS) high-speed digital surfacing generator and Cobalt (DP) dual spindle soft-tool digital polisher.

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