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Leading edge soft tool and traditional hard tool lens polishers.

Robust, Cost-Effective Solutions for Ophthalmic Lens Polishing & Fining

Effective and reliable ophthalmic lens polishing and fining equipment are crucial for producing high quality lenses in your lab. Coburn’s newest iteration in polishing is the Cobalt DP with optional automation, offering high-speed and high-volume production of free-form or traditional Rx lenses. Or explore the space-saving Acuity Plus that easily handles a wide lens curve range, producing consistently excellent results via a one- or two-step lens fining process.

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Cobalt DP Lens Polisher by Coburn Technologies
Acuity Max Soft Lens Polisher by Coburn Technologies
Acuity Plus Lens Polisher
NEXUS DP Digital Lens Polisher

Nexus DP Lens Polisher

The NEXUS DP is the successor of the Cobalt DP lens polisher. It represents the next generation of soft-tool lens polishing. The NEXUS surfacing system is a high volume production for free-form RX lenses. It produces polished lens that are optically clear and virtually haze–free.

Cobalt DP Polisher

Cobalt DP Lens Polisher

The new COBALT-DP lens polisher high speed soft-tool is part of the new Cobalt high-volume production system for free-form and traditional RX lenses. The Cobalt surfacing process leaves the final polished lens optically clear (virtually haze–free) without the need to apply hard coating for optical clarity and produces better surfacing (cut & polished) Free-Form lens results than any other free-form surfacing system in the industry. Automation is also available with the NEW Cobalt DP+.

Acuity Max Soft Lens Polisher by Coburn Technologies

Acuity Max Soft Polisher

Exceptional polishing with the elimination of hard tools; Acuity Max’s soft tool polishing saves time and tool maintenance. Cut-to-polish capability skips the fining process and speeds up jobs. Multi-faceted, with LMS compatibility to download job data, or scan bar code ID.

Acuity Plus Lens Polisher & Finer

Acuity Plus Lens Polisher & Finer

The Acuity Plus Polisher and Finer offers a number of options and user benefits, making it the most flexible cylinder polishing machine on the market. A sophisticated yet user-friendly and highly economical optical laboratory tool, it generates exceptionally accurate lenses by selecting the best lens processing times and pressures in accordance with the specified lens material: CR39, polycarbonate, hi-index or glass. This degree of precision is supported by a mechanical design providing optimized fining and polishing orbits.