Acuity Max Soft Polisher

Acuity Max Soft Lens Polisher by Coburn Technologies

Soft tool polishing pads for the Acuity Max lens polisher by Coburn Technologies, showing three soft tools of different colors.It is now possible to work in cut-to-polish mode in the production of conventional lenses with the Acuity Max Soft Polisher paired with Coburn’s CTL65 Lens Generator. This cut-to-polish system is an ideal solution for conventional labs seeking the most efficient and accurate lens processing technology without the high cost of a complete digital system. Acuity Max uses versatile soft tools in a two-step polishing process, eliminating the need for bulky, labor-intensive hard tools and traditional fining and polishing pads. Lab managers and techs can expect to greatly reduce storage space, utilities use, and labor associated with maintaining the hard tools, resulting in a more efficient lab that delivers even more accurate lens power.


  • Cut-to-polish capability skips fining process and speeds up jobs, when paired with CTL65 Lens Generator
  • Polishes to accurate powers, as opposed to polishing with traditional hard lap tools which define power steps of 0.06 or .012
  • Soft tool polishing reduces utility use, space and number of operators
  • LMS compatible to download job data, or scan bar code ID