Digital Lens Polisher

NEXUS DP Digital Lens Polisher

The NEXUS DP is the successor of the Cobalt DP lens polisher. It represents the next generation of soft-tool lens polishing. The NEXUS surfacing system is a high volume production for free-form RX lenses. It produces polished lens that are optically clear and virtually haze–free.

The NEXUS DP can easily be paired with Coburn’s NEXUS DGT or Cobalt NX and NXT/NXT+ lens generators, as well as any other compatible free-form surface generator.


  • Only 2 soft tool laps needed for polishing complete range of lens curves: 1 for 80% of range, 1 for remaining 20%
  • Variable axis control which allows for more precision and customizable control of polishing process
  • Haze-free polishing process that produces crystal clear lenses after polishing with no coating required to remove haze
  • Isolated polishing chambers which can polish 2 one-eye jobs, of different materials at the same time
  • Widest available soft-tool curve range: 0 to -14D, 6D Cylinder, 6D Prism
  • Pair with the NEXUS DGT and Cobalt NX, NXT/NXT+ or other compatible free-form lens generators