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Optical Lens Generators

State-of-the-art automatic and manual lens generators.

Coburn Technologies provides reliable optical lens generating solutions for small retail operations that produce conventional lenses as well as large manufacturing labs that process the latest digital lenses. Coburn generators use a 3-axis system that is the first in the industry. Coburn lens generators also use patented single-point lathe technology.

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Cobalt NXT Optical Lens Generator by Coburn Technologies

Cobalt NXT & NXT+ Lens Generators

The Cobalt NXT is the successor to Coburn’s previous large-format freeform generator, the Cobalt DS. Together with the Cobalt NX generator, the Cobalt NXT represents Coburn’s next generation platform for lens surfacing.

Cobalt NX Lens Generator by Coburn Technologies

Cobalt NX Lens Generator

Coburn’s Cobalt NX Lens Generator continues to push the limits to produce superior quality lenses in terms of form and finish. Building on the Cobalt heritage, the new generation Cobalt NX incorporates a number of enhancements including a linear motor and an integrated spindle to provide extra precision and more accurate lens geometry.

CTL65 Lens Generator by Coburn Technologies

CTL65 Compact Lens Generator

The CTL65 compact lens generating turning lathe is the fastest traditional Rx lens generator in its class and an ideal fit for small to mid-size laboratories. CTL65 offers the same reliable and accurate performance of the popular Coburn SL2 generator, but with completely updated electronics and hardware for faster processing times and increased throughput. It benefits from higher performance, user-friendly software and yields a consistent one-step fine surface finish for all traditional Rx lenses, utilizing patented, single-point precision turning technology.

SGX Pro Ophthalmic Lens Generator

SGX Pro Surface Lens Generator

Continuing with the SGX series’ great reputation, the SGX Pro ophthalmic lens generator provides progressive labs around the world with proven, high performance cutting technology for CR39®, hi-index, and polycarbonate lenses. Based on the SGX Plus Platform design, the SGX Pro Surface Generator is equipped with new electronics operating on a Windows 7 platform. Its user interface has been upgraded and includes a touch screen monitor.