CTL65 Compact Lens Generator

CTL65 Lens Generator by Coburn Technologies

Fastest traditional Rx lens generator in its class.

The CTL65 is a compact lens generating turning lathe offering the same reliable and accurate performance of the popular Coburn SL2 generator with updated electronics and hardware for faster processing times and increased throughput. It benefits from higher performance, user-friendly software and yields a consistent one-step fine surface finish for all traditional Rx lenses. CTL65 uses patented, single-point precision turning technology. This compact lens generating turning lathe is ideal for small to mid-sized labs.

Closeup of a lens blank loaded into the CTL65 Lens Generator by Coburn Technologies. Cutting mechanisms can be seen on the back and side of optical lens blank.
Closeup of a hand removing generated lens from the CTL65 Lens Generator by Coburn Technologies. Shows ease of access and high quality of the generated lens.


  • Fast curve calculations, longer life performance and reliability
  • Faster processing times and higher throughput over SL2 generator
  • Stiff & robust granite base for stability
  • Less sensitivity to external vibration makes for higher quality output
  • Smooth surface finish guarantees consistent one-step fining across the range of lenses
  • Large touch screen interface for easy navigation and data entry
  • Optional diagnostic lens probing and crib-to-oval features available
Closeup of a hand pointing and operating the CTL65 Lens Generator by Coburn Technologies. Operator screen displays buttons for language, communication, job screen configuration, machine configuration, change password, network configuration, lap parameters, and block types.