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Lens Deblockers, Detapers & Cleaners

Completely automated systems for the lens deblocking and cleaning process.

We offer a complete, automated line of lens deblocking, de-taping and cleaning machinery for optical lens labs. Our systems, are clean, safe, and efficient for the operator. Our new Agility Autodeblocker deblocks over 200 lenses per hour and eliminates contaminated water waste. Learn more with the links below.

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Full front view of Coburn's Agility Autodeblocker.

Agility Autodeblocker

Achieve fully automated lens deblocking for high volume labs. Deblocks over 200 lenses per hour. Clean, safe deblocking mechanisms eliminate contaminated water waste. Agility deblocks in one swift mechanical motion in an in-line system.

Duality Lens De-Taper and Cleaner

Duality Detaper & Cleaner

Fully automated two-sided cleaning effectively removes surface saver tape off of many lens geometries and materials. Labor associated with the traditionally manual process is eliminated.