Duality Lens De-Taper & Cleaner

Duality Lens De-Taper and Cleaner

Automate lens de-taping and cleaning with the Duality Lens De-taper and Cleaner. Paired with the Velocity Automated Coater, you can enjoy hands-free processing from tape removal to cleaning and coating. The Duality is the only machine to perform dual functions in one product. Also available as a “wash-only” unit.

The DualityAR expands the Duality family with a machine specifically designed to remove progressive ink marks and residue from uv cured surface blocking materials.

Duality is unlike any other machine on the market today, combining two crucial steps of lens processing into one machine, and automating those processes in a cost effective and compact platform.


  • De-Taping Mechanism: Effectively removes surface saver tape off a variety of lens geometries and material. Eliminates the labor associated with the traditionally manual process.
  • Two-Sided Lens Cleaning: Clean lenses are critical to improving coating yields. Duality removes all debris often found on lenses after surfacing: polish, tape adhesive and blocking materials. The lens is put through mechanical brush action cleaning, then high pressure wash with detergent, followed by rinse and dry.
  • Fully Automated: Fed by a conveyor, the lens is automatically removed from the tray, de-taped, cleaned on both sides, and prepped for coating.
  • Savings: Less labor involved to tape removal and lens cleaning. Lower cost compared to competition.
  • Small Footprint: Takes up less than 12 ft2. Smaller footprint than competing products.
  • Fast: Three stations complete their functions in 20-30 seconds.



  • Removes progressive ink marks
  • Removes residue from uv cured surface blocking materials