Integrity Alloy Recovery System

Integrity Alloy Recovery System by Coburn Technologies, Inc.

The Integrity Alloy Recovery System is the first-of-its-kind in automated waterless alloy recovery. Using induction heating technology, Integrity melts a very thin layer of alloy where it engages with the block, a method which allows the alloy to separate cleanly and completely intact. Alloy pucks and blocks are then collected into separate bins for easy reuse. The Integrity can separate up to 240 blocks and alloy pieces per hour to speed up your lab’s entire post polishing system. This innovative system completely eliminates the use of potentially harmful hot water tanks traditionally used in alloy reclaim. Safer, cleaner processing is now possible when integrating Integrity into your lens processing. Integrity is ideal for high volume labs seeking efficient, eco-friendly alloy recovery processes.

Integrity sweeping blocked alloy pieces away from lenses after leaving the Agility Lens Autodeblocker


After leaving the Agility Lens Autodeblocker, blocked alloy pieces are diverted  away from the deblocked lenses in job trays. The lenses continue moving on the conveyor belt to the next automated system, the Duality De-Taper and Cleaner.

Blocked alloy pieces are moved into the heating station where only a thin layer of the alloy is melted


The Integrity system uses induction heat to melt only a thin layer of the alloy for approximately 7 seconds.

Integrity heats the alloy so that the block and alloy piece separate, keeping the alloy intact.


The alloy and block cleanly separate, the alloy remaining intact. No molten alloy drips or mess!

Separated alloy pieces are emptied into recovery tanks on the Integrity.


Alloy pieces are collected in recovery buckets to be reused for lens blocking.

Integrity is now part of  Coburn’s Automated Post Polishing System, including Agility, Duality, and Velocity.

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