Innovations Optical Lab Software

Innovations Lab Software for Ophthalmic Lens Processing

Innovations Lab Software automates prescription lens processing by providing a powerful set of functions designed to manage the process and business of lens manufacturing. This optical lab software is modular and can be custom configured to suit the specific operational needs and workstation arrangements of any size lens laboratory. Designed to run on single PC or over a network, Innovations is available in a variety of configurations.

Innovations’ free-form module allows your lab to integrate free-form lens surfacing seamlessly in your production workflow. All jobs, free-form and conventional, pass through Innovations with any need to re-key information.


  • Windows® controls and graphics make it easy to navigate through the program
  • Rapid intelligent order entry allows lab personnel to enter prescriptions exactly as written
  • Lens selection, surfacing and finishing calculations are preformed automatically
  • Complete inventory control capabilities