RXPro Lab Management Software

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Coburn’s RXPro lab management software brings modern optical processing technology to your laboratory. The program offers a wide range of custom options and significantly improved Rx calculations. RXPro is a perfect lab management software for small to medium sized labs looking to complete the generating process at an affordable price point.


User Friendly Design

  • Limit training time and eliminate the need for more staffing
  • Easy to use menu based software makes data input simple
  • Fast and simple software integration
  • View data prompts instantly and automatically
  • Concurrently display prompts of both right and left lenses


  • Modify the software to specific lab requirements by permanently storing up to nine different initialization setups
  • Designed for maximum flexibility, the user is able to pre-program prescription specifications or customize each one
  • Make additions, deletions or corrections to the job at any time
  • Single progressive design can be customized on a per job basis by entering the lens dimensions

RXPro Free-form

  • Combine RXPro calculation module with Novar Lens Designer for an ideal solution to manufacturing free-form lenses
  • Using an FTP, transfer free-form surface files to Cobalt generators

Lab Software Features

  • Software modules include automatic calculation and handling of lens processing information in the manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses
  • Microsoft Windows based data management system
  • Process all kinds of lenses
  • Translate prescription information quickly and accurately
  • Incorrect entries are automatically halted and the proper range is displayed
  • Enhanced Rx calculations include center and edge thickness
  • Easily calculate prescriptions using vertex, prism, tool compensation programs, sag measurements and conversions, combined prisms, and aspheric or slab-off prescriptions
  • Display generating and blocking processing simultaneously

RXP-DI (Device Interface)

  • Deliver blocker and generator data under the usage of The Vision Council Data Communication Standard and the Lens Maker Protocol
  • Provides for the connection of multiple devices to RXPro to obtain job information
  • Communicates via an RS-232 serial connection