Surface Blockers

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Traditional and prismatic lens surfacing blocking technology.

Coburn’s eco-friendly lens surface blocking systems provide the optical industry an environmentally-friendly surface blocking solution that eliminates the concerns associated with alloy blocking.

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E2G Blocker
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Spectrum Prism Lens Blocker

Spectrum Prism Lens Blocker

The new Spectrum Prism Lens Blocker technology automatically attaches the lens block at the correct prism angle, prism base and axis. Compatible with all common surfacing machines, the Spectrum Blocker precisely transports the lens to the chill ring, preventing the opportunity for lens marring or positioning errors.

E2G Surface Blocking System

E2G Surface Blocking System

The eco-friendly E2G lens surface blocking system consists of the E2G surface blocker, new surface blocks, a deblocker, and a proprietary environmentally safe medium called Onyx-Bond™. Onyx-Bond is the heart of the E2G surface blocking system. As a reusable, machinable, and biodegradable blocking material, lens laboratories worldwide will benefit from the use of this material for processing all conventional and digital (free-form) lenses.

Eclipse LX Surface Blocker

Eclipse LX Surface Blocking System

The Eclipse LX surface blocking system offers standard layout and blocking features, along with advanced blocking applications that will enhance any ophthalmic laboratory. With its automatic one-touch blocking feature, operators block and chill the lens in one simple step, consolidating the surface blocking process, while increasing throughput.