Surface Blockers

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Traditional and prismatic lens surfacing blocking technology.

Coburn offers three new lens blockers – Spectrum, Spectrumᴾᴿ and Spectrumᴾᴸ. The base model, Spectrum, performs eco-friendly wax lens blocking. For labs that prefer to use alloy, the Spectrumᴾᴿ and Spectrumᴾᴸ can be used. Spectrumᴾᴿ is our most precise prismatic lens blocker, which automatically adjusts the prism axis, magnitude, and the axis of the blocking chuck.

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Spectrum Prism Lens Blocker

Spectrum Prism Lens Blocker

The new Spectrum Prism Lens Blocker technology automatically attaches the lens block at the correct prism angle, prism base and axis. Compatible with all common surfacing machines, the Spectrum Blocker precisely transports the lens to the chill ring, preventing the opportunity for lens marring or positioning errors.