Spectrum Prismatic Lens Blocker

Spectrum Prismatic Lens Blocker by Coburn Technologies, machine facing front with screen turned on.

The surfacing lens blocker just got more accurate. Our new Spectrum Prismatic Lens Blocker is the newest innovation in precise, convenient lens blocking technology. With a smaller footprint than ever before, and a thoughtful design, Spectrum automatically adjusts prism axis and magnitude, and the axis of the blocking chuck.

Compatible with all common surfacing machines, the Spectrum Blocker precisely transports the lens to the chill ring, preventing the opportunity for lens marring or positioning errors. In addition, Spectrum measures the front curve of the lens and warns the operator if the blank is incorrect, virtually eliminating blank selection errors. This measurement can be provided to the LMS for modification of back curve calculations to produce a more accurate lens. Available with multiple blocking ring configurations ranging from 50 mm to 63 mm.

Spectrum Blocker Models:

  • Spectrum – base model, uses Freebond Wax
  • Spectrumᴾᴿ – prismatic model, uses Alloy
  • Spectrumᴾᴸ – plano model, uses Alloy
Spectrum Prismatic Lens Blocker screen showing alignment features, by Coburn Technologies.


  • Automatically attaches the block at the correct prism angle, prism base, and axis
  • Defines alignment target with lens design-specific templates for single vision, progressive, flat top and executive lenses
  • Scan ticket to enter job data, manually enter, or enter through LMS
  • Modify back curve calculations by LMS
  • Fills in 5 seconds with auto-fill function
  • Operator can align the next lens while current lens is cooling
  • Adjustable lighting for darker lenses
  • Removable blocking rings
  • Compatible with all common surfacing machines