Best Purchase Ever!

“My Huvitz refracting system has been the best purchase I’ve made since being in practice. I’ve had absolutely no issues – it is so accurate, and my prescriptions come out perfectly!”... Read More

Love the Clarity

“I spoke to my techs and asked them what they liked the most about the auto refractor [HRK-8000A] vs. our old one.  They both said that they love the clarity and size of the screen, how well and how precise... Read More

Very Accurate & Fast

We have had the HRK-8000A Autorefractor/Keratometer for a year and a half. The autorefractor is very accurate and fast. It has an automatic mode that will take three measurements very fast and can do on most patients. I bought this... Read More

Ease of Use

Our Doctors love the ease of use of the Huvitz examination system [HRK-8000A Auto Ref/Keratometer].  The robotic arm on the phoropter is futuristic, and offers our patients a new experience.  The equipment stand is state of the art with very... Read More