Coburn Technologies at Vision Expo East 2018

NEW! SK Family Products

At Vision Expo East, we will be launching our newest products to our line of ophthalmic products – SK-650 Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera and SK-850 Perimeter.

SK-650 Fundus Camera

  • Built with split-line aligning focus
  • New optical design guarantees full 45-degree image capture to avoid losing fundus information

SK-850 Perimeter

  • Designed with full compliance of the international Goldman standard
  • Complete 3-dimensional pupil position tracking using an infrared light

Continuum Design Technology | Novar Freeform Lens Designer | Coburn Technologies

NEW! NOVAR Free-Form Lens Designer

Novar Free-Form Lens Designer is our newest software introduced to the market, and has already been successfully utilized on tens of thousands of lenses. Novar can be implemented on a broad variety of laboratory management systems and surfacing platforms, including our Cobalt system, and those of other major equipment manufacturers.

  • Built with Continuum Design Technology, which defines the lens as a continuous surface rather than separate points
  • Designed with Wear Fit technology which compensates for the aberrations produced by a lens due to its position of use
  • FREE 30-day trial available for anyone interested in testing the product on a risk-free basis

Be our guest!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! This year, we invite you to register for FREE, and be our guest at Vision Expo East 2018 in New York City. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We have TWO (2) booths at the show – LP4353 & LP4453 – so make sure you find us in both. They’re right next to each other!
  • We will have show specials for those who visit us and buy at the show.

Excelon HPE-410 Lens Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses

NEW! HPE-410 Lens Edger

Coburn’s NEW Excelon Lens Edger,  HPE-410, introduces a fresh, new and modern design. Its revolutionary features were designed to keep up with the eye care professionals’ ever-growing finishing demands. This machine comes enhanced with a stronger wheel with longer durability, and eliminates lens slippage with an adaptive lens chuck and position sensor.

  • 8 different edging types
  • Hydrophobic mode sets all the edging options for axis-safe cutting with one click of a button
  • Available with tracer built in or as a separate add-on

Cobalt NXT Optical Lens Generator

NEW! Cobalt NXT Lens Generator

The NEW Cobalt NXT lens generator is Coburn’s newest generator. This advanced piece of equipment brings new features and expands on Coburn’s ever growing Cobalt family of products. Cobalt NXT has the ability to be upgraded to complete automation with the NXT+, which will be on display at VEE this year.

  • Automatic calibration for more efficient and faster processing
  • On-board engraving with the ability to produce simple shapes and alphanumeric
  • Superior quality for generated lenses in terms of form and finish

Duality Lens De-Taper and Cleaner

NEW! Duality Lens De-Taper & Cleaner

Duality is the ONLY machine on the market today to perform the dual function of de-taping and cleaning a lens all in one system. Combined with our popular Velocity Automated Lens Coater, and make hands free processing from tape removal through cleaning and coating.

  • Two-sided lens cleaning
  • Small footprint at less than 12 square feet
  • Fast system completing a full function in 20-30 seconds per lens.

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