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Coburn Technologies, Inc. continues a long tradition as a leading provider of computer integrated optical lens processing systems and ophthalmic equipment. We manufacture, distribute, install and service optical equipment, software and supplies used in ophthalmic diagnostics, surfacing prescriptions, and in-house machining and finishing lenses to fit patient frames.



SK-850A Optical Perimeter | Coburn TechnologiesCoburn Technologies now offers a brand new visual field analyzer, the SK-850A.


March 22-24, 2019  |  New York, NY

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Ease of Use

Our Doctors love the ease of use of the Huvitz examination system [HRK-8000A Auto Ref/Keratometer].  The robotic arm on the phoropter is futuristic, and offers our patients a new experience.  The equipment stand is state of the art with very intricate design which allows our Doctors to fully utilize the space in an exam room.  A great buy!

Kenneth Wong, OD (VP of Professional Services)
SVS Vision | Mt. Clemens, MI

Very Accurate & Fast

We have had the HRK-8000A Auto Refractor/Keratometer for a year and a half. The auto-refractor is very accurate and fast. It has an automatic mode that will take three measurements very fast and can do on most patients. I bought this auto-refractor for the wave analysis, which is a bonus, most auto-refractors do not have this option. Its great for those patients with unexplained reduced vision.  You cannot go wrong with this auto-refractor. I would highly recommend this to anyone, it is accurate gives you  refraction, keratometry,  aberrometry and pupil analysis in a very fast time. It also was several thousand dollars cheaper than the other auto-refractors on the market.

Jeffrey S Foreman, OD
Fort Dodge, Iowa

Love the Clarity

“I spoke to my techs and asked them what they liked the most about the auto refractor [HRK-8000A] vs. our old one.  They both said that they love the clarity and size of the screen, how well and how precise the auto focus works and that it transfers the data effortlessly to our EMR’s.  It is also a very good looking machine!”


Midwest Family Eyecare  | Baxter, MN

Best Purchase Ever!

“My Huvitz refracting system has been the best purchase I’ve made since being in practice. I’ve had absolutely no issues – it is so accurate, and my prescriptions come out perfectly!”

Jennifer Gibson
The Eye Center of Paducah

Patients love my HDR-7000

“Patients love my HDR-7000! I refract faster, more accurately, and I know I am giving them the best exam ever. It’s a win, win, win all around!”

Dr. Debra Poulin-Belair
Sanford Family Eyecare

My Phoropter is the BEST!

“I just LOVE my Huvitz HDR and would definitely recommend it to my colleagues. I would never go back to a manual phoropter!”

Dr. Arnie Stokol
Stokol Vision
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