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Ophthalmic Diagnostic Technology

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Coburn Technologies, Inc. continues a long tradition as a leading provider of computer integrated optical lens processing systems and ophthalmic diagnostic equipment. We manufacture, distribute, install and service optical equipment, software and supplies used in ophthalmic diagnostics, surfacing prescriptions, and in-house machining and finishing lenses to fit patient frames. We offer affordable and effective ophthalmic technology from Huvitz, SK-Med, S4Optik, and SBM Sistemi.

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Ophthalmic Equipment

HRK-1 Auto Refractor/Keratometer | Coburn Technologies
Huvitz Auto Ref/Keratometer HRK-9000A
Huvitz HRK-8000A Auto Refractor / Keratometer
Huvitz HRK-7000A Auto Refractor / Keratometer
HLM-1 Lensmeter | Coburn Technologies
Huvitz Auto Lensmeter HLM-9000
Huvitz HLM-7000 Digital Lensmeter
HDR-9000 Digital Refractor
Huvitz HDR-7000 Digital Refractor
Huvitz HS-5000 and Huvitz HS-5500
Huvitz HS-7000 and Huvitz HS-7500
HRT 7000 Advanced Refraction Table
Huvitz CIT 4000 Compact Instrument Table
NTC-1400 Power Tilt Examination Chair on a blue background. Examination chair has black cushions with a white frame and silver footrest.
NPS-1400 Power Instrument Stand on a blue background. Stand is white and silver with a black base.
NCH-1700 Manual Exam Chair on a blue background. Examination chair has black cushions, a white frame and silver footrest.
NIS-1700 Manual Instrument Stand on a blue background. Stand is white and has silver, metal accents and a black base.
Angled front view of the Huvitz HFC-1 Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera for optical retinal imaging. This model is a white and gray machine with the screen turned on showing an image of the retina.
Huvitz HDC-9000N & 9000PF Digital Chart
Huvitz HDC-7000 Digital Chart Software
Huvitz HCP-7000 Chart Projector
SK-950C Visual Field Analyzer from Coburn Technologies. Also known as an optical perimeter. Latest model from SK-Med. Gray, silver and blue tabletop machine for eyecare practices and optometry purposes.
HDA-100 Ocular Surface Analyzer | Coburn Technologies, Inc.

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